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Didimo in The Next Big Idea

Metaverse and technology enthusiasts, this one’s for you! Veronica Orvalho, Founder and CEO of Didimo, was in The Next Big Idea, a tv show that airs in SIC Notícias, to talk about this startup that builds digital humans. In this episode, you can learn more about this concept and the history of this company, which is the result of more than 14 years of research. 

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Santar Vila Jardim refreshes its own digital charm
Located in Viseu, the historical village of Santar is known for its religious and vernacular heritage, expressed through its gardens and vineyards. Its unparalleled grace and refinement have gained new exposure on social media channels – Facebook and Instagram, where the community gets the chance to explore all the details. With a constant monthly growth of followers above 4%, the digital channels help Santar Vila Jardim to grow further and build bridges in every corner of the world. We invite you to embark on a journey through the village’s gardens and discover its story.
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St. Julian's:
colour fans, this is for you

St. Julian’s has a new visual identity inspired by its historic and distinctive logo. From the billboards to the stationary, from the t-shirts to the student welcome kits, everything is new and now this college positions itself with a light, appealing, and innovative communication representing its values in a more colorful way.

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Vasco Pedro: In the Metaverse, responsible AI must be a priority

Vasco Pedro, co-founder and CEO of Unbabel, a startup focused on breaking down language barriers through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), wrote an opinion piece for Expresso about how AI must have a central role in the metaverse, especially in facilitating the way we communicate.

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Sonae IM becomes Bright Pixel Capital

After the rebranding, the challenge has been set. Following the new brand standards, we created a coherent visual identity that was applied to several materials to promote the new image which Conveys modernity and agility while emphasizing Bright Pixel Capital’s life-long values: financial drive and growth orientation.

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Here Partners brings financing closer, for good
The launch of the new consultancy firm specialized in startup financing proves the pulsing energy of the ecosystem. Here Partners is here to make funding closer, more accessible, and also agile and easier. Not only driven by business but by ideas for good, Here helps startups with strategic and innovation consultancy, different private and public funding streams, and outsourcing partners. In the launching month, its LinkedIn page registered a growth rate above 45%, which remained above 20% in the following months.
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The brand you work on every day: your personal brand

by Joana Pedro

As said by Jeff Bezos, “your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room”. You can find out here how you can work on your Personal Brand by keeping in mind three simple things. Don’t forget: pay attention to small details and keep in mind that consistency is the keyword!

Metaverse: A new age for Public Relations

by Helena Baptista

We have all heard about the Metaverse. We even know how we can be part of it. But are you ready to elevate your brand through this digital universe? In this article, you can find the five simple rules to keep in mind when populating the Metaverse. Are you bold enough?

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